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Romans 12:1-2 "Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


“How God Was Great in 2008″

The years 2001-2007 were very hard years for the Steve and Patti Sikes family. I'm not saying that there weren't other very hard years...but in many ways these years were over the top! We often felt like punching bags, every time we tried to get up we'd get punched back down. Life was hard! Nothing that happened to us in those years changed the fact that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD. In fact, this is the calligraphy of my friend, Cindy Grubb, that hangs above my computer screen:
After 18 months of prayer and 40 days of fasting on my husband Steve's part, GOD brought us to a place in our lives where we KNEW He was in control. He moved us. He began to heal our family. He gave us many new perspectives of wounded healing and transformation. He had us where He wanted us - stuck on our knees. Oh, we're still on this journey of life. Life is still hard! We still have a daughter who suffers from chronic pain - now in the thirteenth year. We still have other major health, financial, and daily life challenges. The calligraphy above my computer continues to remind me.
Today, I am grateful for how I have seen God work - up through 2008 in my marriage. Specifically, on this, the 35th anniversary of Steve and Patti Sikes, I would like you to know how God shows up in my life everyday BECAUSE HE LIVES IN STEVE SIKES. We are both children of God...made in His image.
  • I am a lion.
  • Steve is a lamb.
  • I am a living stone.
  • Steve is a wonderful counselor.
  • I am an overseer of souls.
  • Steve is a mighty prayer warrior.
  • I am a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wings.
  • Steve an everlasting father.
  • I am a creator.
  • Steve is a prince of peace.


In yesterdays post, I made the following comments:

"We'll meditate on those

four descriptions / names of JESUS CHRIST.

I'll share some of Dan's thoughts,

some of my own, and

along the way the Holy Spirit will touch our hearts

with new and convicting thoughts

about these wonderful concepts."


And so, all day yesterday the Holy Spirit of GOD convicted me. I could not get off my mind how much my husband, Steve was like those names of our LORD JESUS CHRIST: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Please look back above at my descriptions of Steve to see the similarities. There is so much that I could say from my heart that would explain it more, but I'll say those things to Steve. I'd like to let 3 things tell you about this man that I am so in love with and so grateful for.

  1. The words of his own children, who at my request, yesterday afternoon and evening wrote some big things that they appreciate their dad for.
  2. The words of his co-worker in ministry, Dan Cooper, that were written in this past Sunday's bulletin at the Pitman church of Christ.
  3. The words of a song written by Alexis Carter (an amazing singer who's voice has been compared to Whitney Houston's voice). After she was stunned to learn that "her preacher" was moving, she wrote a song about him and drove many miles to a recording studio that same week to cut the CD.


BECAUSE HE LIVES IN STEVE SIKES, our children have this to say:

Jordan - son:

  • One thing I love about Dad, is his humility. He has so much talent and giftedness, and yet he never is boastful or arrogant. He doesn't flash his diplomas, honors, and accomplishments. He doesn't parade his tassels for everyone to see. He truly works for the Lord and not for men.
  • Another thing I love about Dad, is his tenderness of heart. He feels and understands people. His ability to perceive hurts and pains in others is uncanny. I can't count the times I've seen my daddy cry. I know this is God's work at molding in him the heart of his Creator.

Jacqueline - daughter-in-love:

The two things I appreciate most are:

  • I'm blessed to witness my husband's daily walk of integrity. I know without a doubt that much of who he strives to be is a mirror of his earthly dad, who is also a mirror of his Heavenly Father.
  • I appreciate that nearly every time we (or Jordy) call, whether in triumph, fear, or defeat, he takes the time to pray for us right then and there. We know you're both on your knees for our little family all of the time, and we take comfort in that.


Jessica - daughter:

  • I love that he is able to see the good in everyone. He has the ability to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. He has a truly rare gift.
  • I love his sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine and he always is able to give me the dose I need.


Caleb - son:

  • My Dad means so much to me. He is slow to anger, quick to listen and he has a lot of love.
  • Being a son of my father, I forget that there aren't many men like my dad, who do the right thing even when it is hard, extremely hard. Thank you dad for loving all others. Yes, you love even when it seems hard, but from observation I think you just love to love.


Krista - daughter-in-love:

  • Steve does not look at someone's past and what they were, but their future and who they are becoming.
  • His wisdom, patience, humility, abundance of love and understanding (his FAITH) - being able to observe what a true Christian father is like teaches me how to be more of a daughter of Christ to my earthly father. The outcome is my dad is growing closer to Christ because of Steve's FAITH.


Crystal - daughter:

  • No matter how many stupid mistakes and decisions I've made, Big Guy has always been there for me. Still, to this day, I sit on Big Guy's lap and give him zerberts!
  • Big Guy is the most genuine person I have ever known. When someone is going through trials, he goes through the ups and downs with them. He has true compassion that never fails -no matter what the circumstances.


BECAUSE HE LIVES IN STEVE SIKES, Dan Cooper had this to say:

"The Sikes are celebrating their second Christmas season with us here in New Jersey and I am still psyched about having them here with us. I simply love co-ministering with Steve. He is as passionate about ministry as I am! We are team players.


  • Steve Sikes loves ministry, and he is really good at it.
  • He loves preaching, and his sermons always connect me to God's word.
  • He loves people, and his people skills are obvious to all who meet him.
  • He loves sharing the Good News with the lost, and he invests time and energy in truth-seekers.
  • He loves Christian counseling, and people (both Christians and non-Christians) come to see him from the north, south, east, and west. He loves teaching, and his classes are always stimulating and educational. He loves to give gifts and express appreciation, and he gives joyfully and generously.
  • He loves to sing, and his bass voice helps me to sing better.
  • Steve loves to pray, and praying with him is an experience that has deepened and enriched my personal prayer life.

.Yes, I thank God for bringing Steve Sikes to the Pitman Church of Christ. I say again, God is good - All the time. Still psyched about Sikes, Dan"


BECAUSE HE LIVES IN STEVE SIKES, Alexis Carter had this to say in the words of the song that she wrote about him - MAN OF GOD:



How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace

and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.

How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace

and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.



There's gonna come a day that all those who heard your voice will say,

"This man, he taught me how to seek the LORD,

so that I might be saved.

No other's sown what you've sown.

With the LORD, you've helped God's Kingdom grow.

You never spared the rod!

Oh, you mighty man of God!



How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace
and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.
How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace
and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.



I witnessed how you submitted to the Spirit,

as God dealt with my heart.

Through you, He changed me forever.

All this, I owe my service to you.

You never strayed from the Word.

You spoke the truth.

That's what I heard.

At times, I know its hard,

Oh, you awesome man of God!



How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace
and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.
How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace
and bring glad tidings of good things to them who hear the Word.

How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace...
How beautiful the feet of them who preach the gospel of peace..."


Then, Alexis reads and says at the end of the song:

"Romans 10:15

'And how shall they preach unless they are sent?

Just as it is written,

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring

glad tidings of good things!'




Thank you, my children, Dan, and Alexis.

Today, I want to encourage (put courage in my husband) to ask God for another 35 years on this planet with me. I am so grateful for how God has transformed and is transforming Steve Sikes into His image!


Today, Steve and I share the same anniversary with Steve' parents, Jack and Robbie Sikes, known to many of you as Papa and Mama Sikes. They have planted a heritage and legacy of faith, hope, and love that is rare. They just say, "Pass it on!" Thank you, Papa and Mama. Happy 61st anniversary!


NOTE: Alexis' recording of this song is on my computer. Although I haven't figured out how to upload it to my blog, I can certainly email it to you.


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Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

What a wonderful tribute! :) Blessings to you in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

mr steve thanks so much for what you mean to me im so thankful to consider you a brother in christ thanks for all you do i pray this year will be blessed for you and your family you are always on my heart god bless you.

jeremy williams.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome example for us...35 years? Thank you for asking God where He wanted you to be, listening for His voice and answering the call. Thank you for choosing Patti. Here's to 35 more beautiful, exciting & loving years. May God bless you both in the coming years. Love, Lea Ann Kellum

Anonymous said...

Aunt Patti, Happy Anniversary!!! And thank you so much for doing this! What a great gift for Uncle Steve!!

Uncle Steve is a gift from God! There are so many times in my life that Uncle Steve has taken the time to listen, advice, encourage and pray with me! One time that will always be with me is when my birth mom died. We were in Estes Park and he took me outside to pray with me. He also gave me some good advice on how to work through the feelings of sadness. I'm so grateful for that moment with you! I still have the hanky!! :)

I admire how you "honor the difference" with you and Aunt Patti! I am so grateful to have watch this in action. It has helped me in my relationship with Brad.

Uncle Steve I love you and give glory to God for your you!

35 Years! What a legacy of agape love!!
I Love you both so much!!

Mom Four Boys said...

Dear Steve and Patti, I can't write about one without writing about the other, you two are but one!

What great examples of faithful servants you are for the rest of us on this spiritual journey. Your honesty about life and love not always being easy, but doable because of Christ's blood, is a blessing to many. The gifts you each have as individuals are complimented by the others gifts, thanks to God who knows more and understands more than we can fathom. Love you both and honored to serve THE KING alongside you.!

Mom Four Boys- Andrea said...

Oh, and Happy 35th Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Patti,
I just want to say that you have been a great example to Steve and I. You have shown us your faithfulnessin you walk with Christ even in while facing adversities. Steve, I have to say that you are very dear and special to the Pierre-Jacques family. You have been a wonderful counselor and a great comforter to us. We like to think that God sent to New Jersey to minister specifically to us. Christ truly lives in you!!! We love you both dearly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve and Patti,
Happy 35th Anniversary!
You both are such a blessing to our congregation. Each of you serve in the areas
where you do the most good and God is glorified because of it. Pitman was truly
blessed when you and your family chose to
be a part of us.
May the Lord bless you with many more happy
years together.
We love you.
The Steiner Family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both for your 35 years of faithfullness to each other. I have been really blessed to be able to see you with each other. I have watched as Steve gently touches you or you play with his hair. Love for each other just oozes out of you and it always makes me smile when I see the two of you together.

Steve it has been such a blessing to work with you. You are a wonderful, gentle giant of a man who has prayed with me, cried with me and felt my pain and my sorrow and has also shared in my joy. We laugh a lot together mostly because you have that wonderful contagious laugh. All I have to do is hear you laugh and I start laughing too.

It has and continues to be a blessing to have both Steve and Patti in my life. I pray that God will fill your lives, your children lives and your extended family to overflowing wih all of God's wonderful blessings.

You both are wonderful examples of how to live a Christ-centered life.


Janet.Betts said...

Patti, thank you for blessing me with your words about Steve today...Happy Anniversary!!! I've read so many tributes written by Steve about wonderful people in your family and our church family - it's a pleasure for me to add my words of praise to yours! Steve, you are an amazing and incredible example to me of God's love, humility and grace. I wish you both 35 more years together... and then a few more!
You and Patti are such a blessing to me...and obviously, to many others, too! May 2009 bring you even greater blessings for your family and your marriage! I love you both! Janet

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Happy Anniversary, Steve and Patti! This was a beautiful post, Patti...

About Steve - I've been trying to think about what to say that hasn't been said - and I'll just say this. Your husband ROCKS! I will never forget his kind, wise, and loving counsel. Life has taken a few extra unexpected twists and turns since the time Dale and I sat in his office getting help back in 1997-98. Quite honestly, I have always held out hope that the words and wisdom that Steve shared with us during that time might one day pierce Dale's memory and heart and bring him back to the Lord. I will always be thankful that I had the opportunity to be counseled by Steve.

Again, happy, happy anniversary! Many blessings to you both!

Love, Charlene

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog and send my love to two wonderful, godly adventurers. May God give you those 35 years and more to share His love with others. My love to you and to all your children.

Anonymous said...

Patti- What beautiful words so many others have said about Steve. I would add that he is a "challenger and encourager" to me.

A challenger in that he challenges me to be a better husband, father, and servant. I have 2 bibles from when I was in elementary and middle school with notes from Steve (and Patti too!) challenging me to read, study and one day preach the word. One that sticks in my mind said, "I look forward to one days sitting at your feet and listening to you Preach The Word!" The expectations was set early in my life and I continue to strive toward it. From my earliest memory, he has challenged me to have a deeper faith, a more consistent walk with God and a more humble heart in serving others.

Steve has also been an encourager in that he always had good things to say when I needed to be picked up. Whether about a talent I used, a service I gave or a task I did, Steve always noticed and always said Thanks for serving the Kingdom (to help me keep perspective) Steve always said "Thanks for letting God use you, Kyle."

So Steve- Thanks for letting God use you to challenge and encourage me. You are one of my "Heroes of the Faith." Happy Anniversary!

Kyle Massey

Stephanie said...

Patti and Steve Happy Anniversary!!
I don't know where to begin. What a blessing it has been to read all of this and now to be able to comment, what a blessing it is to know Steve Sikes. Steve is an amazing example of Christ. He has been an amazing counselor, an encourager, a teacher to me and my family. He is love, he is wise, he is a prayer warrior, he is humble, he is compassionate, he is gentle, he is faithful. There are so many Christ like words that describe Steve Sikes. Thank you God for blessing each of us with the Sikes. Thank you for your love.
I love you guys

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Thanks for sharing yourselves with us. Have a wonderful, blessed anniversary!

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Steve:
It’s hard to say to what I feel without getting teary-eyed. I am so very proud and humbled to be related to you. My precious brother; I have been in awe of you for most of my life. You are truly one of my richest and most loved “thankfuls” in my life. Your AWESOME family reflects the love and wisdom of your heart. I can say without hesitation that in “God’s tapestry” your life is one of the bright spots. You radiate warmth and sunshine wherever you are and in whatever you do. Thanks for being such an incredible example to us all. Happy Anniversary, and my prayer is that God will bless you with more love, peace and joy that you know what to do with. I also pray that Satan’s hands are bound when it comes to you. I love you little brother,

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss the Sikes' family! I hope you are having a glorious Christmas. The girls are both home and we have had a delightful time. I love the blog, Patti, and thank you for including me in your Christmas message! I can so identify with your heart that loves Jesus Christ and seeks to grow more like HIM. There are not many that I can sense the deep longing of being transformed. I want so much to come and visit you and hear the great teaching of that wonderful disciple, MR. STEVE!! The descriptions of him were right on in every way--Steve is truly a man of God and I am so fortunate to know both of you.
We truly need to catch up. For now, I will just tell you that I am having the time of my life--growing in Christ and feeding on the Word...

Jason's Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary and God Bless you both always!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Steve and Patti!
I thank God for bringing you to Pitman NJ.
Your sermons, prayers, singing, smiles, and tears encourage me. Thank you for loving God, and for being faithful through the hard times. Your joy in the Lord, even though you have a sick child, is an encouragement to me. Thank you for leading the way.
Won't heaven be wonderful??
But 35 more years serving God here, first, will be a blessing!!
Love in Christ...........Linda Prenger

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve-
I am so thankful that God brought you and Patti into our lives. We are family and we love you so. We love your gentle spirit, your humble heart, your praying soul, your clear thought, your kind words, and your example of Jesus. Thank you for loving us, too! We miss you and Patti very much and pray for you often.

Benja and Ross

Anonymous said...

Happpy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Sikes!

While I was a YC students you both were possitive Godly influences on my life there. Thank you for all of the humility and for the servant hearts that you both have. I will never forget the lessons that you both taught me while I was at YC. I love your family so much! May God always bless your family!

Hannah Van Buskirk

Anonymous said...


How in the world do I communicate the depth of love I have for you? I praise God for the manifold ways you have ministered to me and family. We are beter because our lives and hearts are intertwined. When I think of you, I always think of the remark made of the early apostles - "they could tell that they had been with Jesus." Love you, man!


Anonymous said...

Steve & Patti,

I have so many memories of our times together. Your family has touched me in profound ways - I can't begin to recount them all, but two stand out. 1. Steve standing with me at my mother's death bed praying her safely to Jesus waiting arms. Did I ever thank you for that? You have no idea how important those minutes were. 2. Patti, Traveling to Chicago with you and spending precious days together - watching you. Did you ever know you are my hero/mentor? I also have so many precious memories of each of your children - but that is for another time. I love you, and miss you.


Annette said...

Happy Anniversary Steve and Pattie!
You have both been quite the example for me of how God expects us to show compassion. You are both prayer warriors, and that has inspired me to strive toward a stronger prayer life. You have blessed our congregation with your valuable experience and wisdom, and with that have met the needs of some of our members who had no one to turn to before. I have grown to appreciate and love both of you.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I belive the same. That stive is blest with the holy spirit thought his voise